Celebrating freedom – 10DBC

Wahoo – ten days of blogging completed! It feels so great to realise that this time I lasted the distance and finished the challenge. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy to sit down every night to do my ‘homework’ – but the hardest part was actually starting. Once I  began putting ‘pen to paper’ the ideas and words flowed, and the blog was finished before I knew it. 

The challenge I enjoyed the most was finding my why. Taking the time to re-examine the reasons why I want a freedom lifestyle and what is motivating me to develop a freedom plan reinforced for me the value of what I was trying to achieve. I’m actually going to print off that blog and put it on the wall of my working area to serve as a reminder when things get difficult and I feel as if I’m getting stuck again.

The biggest take away I got from this challenge was the sense of personal achievement – seeing it through to the end and not giving up. The thing I realised this time round was the importance of staying on track and not allowing myself to fall behind. Not only did completing the blog daily feel good, it also created a feeling of momentum which can’t happen when you’re trying to catch up all the time. In addition, a positive side effect was increased motivation to pick up other projects. I feel like I’m back on track and can start moving forward again. 

My goal is to meet my commitment of working an hour a day and finish my program structure and content by 29 October 2016. Having signed up to Natalie’s Freedom Plan last year and stalling half way through due to a lack of product, I now feel that I’ll be able to pick up where I left off and benefit as a result. I’m going to use the momentum I’ve gained from this challenge to make my freedom plan happen. 

This blog is in response to Natalie’s Ten Day Freedom Plan blog Challenge Day 10


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