Location independence – 10DBC

I’ve never been to Portugal so the prospect of visiting this country is exciting. I love to explore new locations, cultures and environments. In particular, I like to spend time in new places and to really get to understand the people  who live there and their life style. I like traveling off the beaten path, eating in local cafes and socialising with the locals. And I certainly intend to introduce my son to this way of travel when he is old enough to appreciate it.

As part of my freedom lifestyle approach, I would choose a central location which provided easy access to a range of interesting locations, together with the technology required to run my business.  I don’t see any point in placing myself in a situation that stresses my ability to transact efficiently on line if I can avoid it. Not only would this type of situation detract from the time I could be spending enjoying life, but it would introduce a level of unnecessary stress. As a further measure I would automate my business as much as possible and employ a virtual team to help me deliver a seamless service. 

Travelling with a young child, as a solo parent, poses a range of challenges which would require consideration. The first centres  around providing him with a degree of certainty and security. I would choose accommodation that feels more like a home than a hotel – a place that feels safe and comfortable – and provides relief from everything that is unfamiliar and new.

I am, by nature, more productive in the morning but if necessary would reconfigure my working day to later in the day to ensure my son and I are spending quality time together and maximising our freedom lifestyle as a family. In addition, I would seek out opportunities for him to mix and play with local children to help him develop socially, as well as increase his confidence and independence.  

To maintain a balance between my work and adventure, I would instill a basic level of disciple to ensure my freedom business is not sacrificed to the holiday mood. I would prioritise important actions and address these first thing in the morning as a way of ensuring the wheels don’t stop turning on my freedom business. The rest of the work could be completed later in the day. My final action at night would be to review my workload and lay out a basic plan for the day ahead.

I do, however, think it’s important to maintain a certain amount of flexibility and spontaneity. If an opportunity arises for adventure then it should be taken – that’s the whole point of a freedom lifestyle. 

This blog is in response to Natalie’s Ten Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


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