Finding my tribe – 10DBC

What an interesting challenge! Funny, but it never crossed my mind to think I might need a tribe to support me in my aspirations. I’ve always just focused on the question of how to tap into my target audience and build a following amongst them. 

Certainly, I’ve read books by various authors and subscribed to various programs – like the Freedomg Plan – but I’ve never really thought about the people who run them as being available to support me in a personal or direct way.  So first, let me thank you Natalie for your support. 

I have chosen David Suteman Garland, the creator of Create Awesome Online Courses. My admiration for David stems from the fact that he is so open with sharing information about how to replicate his success. His advice is frank, practical and achievable. I also like his humility and self deprecating sense of humor which makes him appear personable and authentic. If I ever met him in real life, I would ask David how he knows when he has created a winning formula for an online course – one that promises quality content and value to his students.

My second choice would be Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrpreneur, and creator of The Freedom Plan. Maybe it’s because Natalie’s a kiwi (I’m Aussie but have lived and regularly visited NZ for years) that I feel an affinity with her work, attitude and approach to living  the freedom lifestyle. She is down to earth, enthusiastic, approachable and generous in sharing her intellectual property as well as her opinions and life events. I love her podcasts, programs, and her book because they are filled with useful tools, helpful tips and easy to implement advice. If I do get the opportunity to meet Natalie sometime in the future, I will ask her if she felt as if she was losing control of her business when she initially transitioned to a virtual team and, if so, how did she address that feeling?

This blog is in response to Natalie’s Ten Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6


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