Setting Myself up for Success – 10DBC

Time, time, time! How do you find more time in the day? Not so long ago, I didn’t really have a problem with finding time – rather it was a lack of motivation that stopped me from moving forward with my freedom plan. These days, as every new parent will attest, time and exhaustion are both a challenge for me. However, whining about it isn’t going to get me a freedom lifestyle so I will design my daily success plan around the time I do have. 

The first thing that springs to mind that I have to do, in order to move forward, is to finish writing the course structure and content for my online program (about 40% complete). This thinking piece is my most important action and requires my focused attention. 

I am going to commit 60 minutes every evening, after my little boy has gone to bed, to work on my program. I figure 60 minutes a day is better than no time in 10 months, and any progress is a good thing. By really concentrating my efforts and working without distraction I intend to finish this action on 29 October, which also happens to be my son’s first birthday. 

Once I’ve completed this piece of work I can develop a plan to outline the administration and processes I need to put in place to launch and run the program. These tasks include developing a website, populating an online learning management system, finding a name, designing a logo, etc. The list seems endless, but it is the easier part of my freedom plan.

A launch date in mid January 2017 sounds like a realistic timeframe to target and  a nice way to start the new year. Besides, by then I will need to start earning a freedom income, or return to the corporate rat race. I know which option I prefer. 

This blog is in response to Natalie’s Ten Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5


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