Creating a vision for the future – 10DBC

I love mornings – the sense of peace, the birds calling out to a new day and the fresh smell of the earth as it is slowly warmed by the sun. Today I’m enjoying the view from my bungalow somewhere in Asia. The air is humid and warm. I smell tropical flowers, rain forest and the sea. I start the day with a guided meditation, and head out for my daily run. I return invigorated and ready to face the day.

My first priority is quality time with my gorgeous, energetic and irresistible son. Our morning ritual is framed around play, breakfast and more play, before nanny takes him away so that I can focus on the work I need to do to maintain our hard won lifestyle.   

In each new home or country that we visit and stay, one of the first things I do is locate a special place that provides me with inspiration, feeds my soul and helps me remained focused on the task at hand. This could be a balcony overlooking a gorgeous view, a setting by the pool, and or a chair under a tree in the garden. In this place, I can begin my working day sustained by my environment.   

I’m very lucky to have a fully mobile business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. I have completely systemised and automated my operating model which means that my products and services are available 24/7 to my international client base. Over time, my role has diversified – I am the face and the model for my business and charity foundation, rather than the deliverer of its services. I have a fabulous team behind me who keep the wheels turning. I’ve built up a professional and smart coaching alumni and a responsible support team that means my clients can receive quality and personal service, irrespective of whether I am online or not.

I start each day by addressing my most important actions. They are the things that sustain my freedom plan and keep us moving in the direction of success, flexibility and freedom. The rest of my morning will be filled with writing, updating program material, recording new pod casts, responding to questions or making phone calls to my team, my coaches or my clients.

After working solidly for 4 to 5 hours I’m ready to break for lunch. My son and I usually visit a favoured cafe or pack a picnic for the local beach or park. The afternoon is spent in a combination of play and learning – exploring new places, trying out new experiences and meeting new people. I love being able to show my son the many places and faces of the world, to open his mind to the realm of possibilities and to provide him an environment that enables him to become a citizen of the world.   

Our evenings are based on a ritual of enjoying good food, good company and good conversation. Dinner is always served in a setting that promotes the sharing of stories, spending quality time together and with friends and family or planning our next destination.

I count my blessings that I am able to live a full, rich and meaningful life according to my own needs and expectations. I love being out of the rat race and living a life of quality, rather than quantity. I love being able to provide my son with the opportunity to enjoy a simple, yet richly rewarding childhood – similar to the one that I too experienced as a child – and that I am able to experience the freedom so many others dream of but never achieve. 

This blog is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


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