Discovering my WHY – 10DBC

Freedom is such a lovely word – it inspires a multitude of positive feelings and memories for me. Similar to Natalie, it is also my top value. To me, freedom means the ability to experience as much of life as possible, unconstrained by social expectations, tedious routine and traditional convention. 

Over time, my interpretation of freedom has changed in response  to where I was in my life, together with my mindset at that point. Freedom has meant having the time and money to explore new places and experiences. It’s meant being able to work long and hard to pursue career goals or chase new opportunities that arose without disrupting the lives of those close to me. It’s also meant having the flexibility  to visit family overseas whenever I wanted. Right now it means taking a year out of my old life to spend quality time with my beautiful son and establishing our new life together. 

I want to live the freedom lifestyle so that I can be a full-time parent and watch my little man continue to grow and develop. I want to experience first hand the wonder of life through his eyes and actions, rather than through the stories of others charged with his care. I want to show him the world and teach him about its beauty, diversity and awesomeness. He is my freedom lifestyle WHY.

Through my freedom plan, I also want to help make a difference in the lives of women by showing them how to live a life of their choosing, how to transform their dreams into reality and how to address personal and professional challenges along the way. As part of this plan I also want to establish a pro bono program which reaches out to women in Papua New Guinea, many of whom are subjected to antiquated traditions, terrible inequality and appalling acts of violent. They are my freedom plan WHY.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


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