More Me Time

Right, time to get back on track with this blogging challenge! I’ve learned an important lesson over the last week – it takes real discipline to maintain a routine for tasks when there is no routine. You see, I’m on holiday for the next two weeks and to be honest my ability to maintain the daily blogs started falling apart in the lead up to getting organised for going away. It completely disintegrated by the end of 26 hours of travel brought about by airport delays and complete exhaustion. I won’t say it’s a complete disaster as I have learnt the necessity of being super organised, preparing in advance for possible problems and focusing on those most important action, irrespective of location.  

Anyway, back to today’s blogging theme – what am I going to do each day to get more me time.

This is an interesting challenge for me as I don’t  actually feel pressured by a lack of me time that I sense dominates a lot of my friends lives. Sure, life can be busy at times, but generally I control the number of hours that I work very well and, as I don’t have any family, my committed time to others is limited. I notice this more when I’m trying to schedule time with friends to catch up – I’m pretty much available at any time while my friends seem to need weeks of advance notice, and even then reschedules are common. It’s a shame actually as it removes the spontaneity out of life and sometimes dulls the occasion which has been diarised so often. 

My me time is more an issue of quality hours, rather than quantity hours, and has evolved from ingrained bad habits, poor discipline and general laziness.  In Blog 1, I committed to getting up an hour earlier to commit to exercise and set myself up for daily success. In Blog 5 I committed to breaking my bad habit of blobbing in front of the idiot box every evening. Achieving those two actions alone will give me more hours in the day than I will probably know what to do with.  So, the question becomes – what will I do with my me time to feel more energized and recharge. 

I love to learn and aim to read at least a book a week. I’ve recently taken up dancing and tennis which are activities that I am really enjoying – they keep me active and I get to meet new people that I can have some fun with. I’m also trying to teach myself Spanish but will commit to proper lessons on my return from holidays. I am recharged by adventure and new experiences. I love variety, spontaneity and being outside of my comfort zone.  And so, once a month  I’m going to pick a new place to explore and just do it. 


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