Three big goals

In order to build the life I want in 2016, there are three specific goals that I need and want to achieve. All of these are tailored to help me establish my business model, commit to my freedom plan and develop the right mindset to sustain me as I translate my dreams into reality.

The most obvious goal is to establish my online business. I intend to finish developing my program and products, build my online platform, undertake all testing and launch on 1 June 2015. This is my most important goal.  It’s like laying the foundations of a new house – except in this case, it’s my new life. Achieving this goal will allow me to move forward with confidence.

My second goal is the deadline I have set myself to escape, once and for all, the corporate work environment I find so uninspiring. On 18 December 2015, I will down tools (so to speak) and simply walk away.  On this day, I will fully embrace my new career as an entrepreneur and freedom junkie. Even thinking about it send chills down my spine – I am so ready to make this move.

My final goal is to achieve a high level of physical and mental fitness. This goal consists of a number of mini goals including being able to run 10 kms three times a week by the end of March 2015, reading 52 books this year, and being able to hold up my end of a conversation in Spanish by the end of November 2015.   I want to strengthen my self-disciple, increase my knowledge and build persistence.  I believe by applying myself to these activities I will learn how to better accept set-backs and use them as a springboard to improvement, rather than a reason to give up.

Achieving these three goals will lead me to a life of freedom in 2016.


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