Maximum efficiency = Maximum freedom

Following on from challenge 3, I am in the process of making Asana my new best friend. It is so easy to set up projects and tasks and then track them. I love the interface with my calendar as I can see everything in one view which also means I can control how much I see by selecting day, week or monthly view. This helps when the calendar is so full that it becomes overwhelming – but by being able to chunk it down brings back a feeling of control.

The one system that I am going to implement to remain in control of my business is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). And I agree with Natalie that they are sexy because not only do they allow you to maximize efficiency, but also highlight gaps and opportunities in processes which aren’t evident unless you break everything down into the detail. By fully understanding how things are put together you can make improvements and changes.

Implementing SOPS not only ensures consistency of practice, it also means you are able to deliver consistency of service regardless of who is providing it. And consistent service can equate to an improved quality of service and happier customers.

I also like the idea of passing on the more routine activities to someone else so that I have more time to create value for my business, and my customers. It’s the reason I want to start the business in the first place and the easier I can make life for myself, the better my chances of achieving that goal will be.


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