One focus – escape to freedom

This challenge is so easy for me because I’ve already begun my journey towards the one thing I want most from 2015 – my freedom. I am making plans to live 2016 by my own rules.  It will be filled with lots of travel, new experiences and exciting adventures, all supported by my own freedom business.

At the moment I’m handcuffed to a tedious series of jobs in the corporate world that drain my energy, my spirits and my drive. And the worst thing is that it is all of my own making – I enjoy the money I earn, the lifestyle it provides me and the opportunity it affords me to travel. But the lack of challenge and innovation, the politics and the glacial pace of decision making and tangible outcomes is slowly destroying my will to live.

I’ve set my release date from this corporate prison for 18 December 2015.

My one focus this year is to develop and launch my freedom business. I’ve drawn up my painted picture, or vision, to guide my actions and decisions. I am in the process of developing an online coaching program and products. I’ve started blogging to support my business, build a tribe and spread my message. I’m excited, scared and yet very determined.

The simple idea of focusing on one thing has given me a sense of purpose which has been missing from my life for a while. It’s invigorating to wake up each morning thinking about what I can do today to move towards my new tomorrow. And the simple satisfaction that comes with finishing another task, such as this daily blog challenge, motivates me to push on to the next one. Small successes soon build up to an avalanche of achievements.

Working on my freedom plan is sustaining me and the fabulous advice from heroes like Natalie Sisson are giving me the knowledge, tools and inspiration to turn my dreams into reality.


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