Business model to freedom

Great timing for this challenge:what business do I need to support my Freedom Plan? Simple answer – I need the type of model that will finance my desire to explore more of the world, make a worthy contribution to it, and provide an ongoing income when I’m not actively able to support it.

I intend to create a business that helps young women lead their lives with confidence and purpose. I want to provide them with the tools and skills to set their own personal direction, pursue their goals, and live a life according to their own rules and values.

I believe a business model that provides a combination of active and residual revenue will be necessary to support my business and personal needs. In the short term I will offer an online program, products and resources supported by various coaching services. Over time, I would like to explore opportunities to further diversify my revenue streams, as well as increase my involvement in other businesses.

Once this particular business model is firmly established and generating a sustainable profit, I want to find ways to integrate a social responsibility focus into that model.  I want to be able to leverage off paying clients to support disadvantaged women in Papua New Guinea (PNG). For example, for each paying client who is participating in my online program, I would like to be able to offer gratis the same opportunity to a girl or woman in PNG.  It will definitely be a challenge to set up given the social, economic and political environment, the remote locations, and the limited access to technology that many people expeirence, but it’s something I firmly believe is worth pursuing.

Why PNG? you may ask. Firstly, I was born there and still feel a strong affinity for the country, despite all its challenges and my not having lived there for a long time. Secondly and more importantly, women in PNG are treated as third class citizens (pigs tend to be treated better) and are subject to unimaginable levels of violence. Not only do they suffer the consequences of having very little social standing, they have even less legal standing. Women in PNG still get tortured and burnt as witches!

If my efforts can, in some way, improve the life of a single woman in PNG I will be satisfied.


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